We take bold steps to solve our customer problems.

Fortuna Identity’s SmartSourcing approach to IAM encompasses Managed Services and Professional Services.

Managed Services

As companies encounter complex challenges in scaling and managing internal systems and infrastructure, our blend of IAM consulting and technology-driven managed services let you retain the control while we deliver the service globally, enterprise-wide, and around the clock.

Our seamless virtual environment extends your existing IT operation to include our IAM Managed Services experts, who are always available and flexible to react quickly to any service requests.

Our boutique customer centric model has been known for many years for its comprehensive IAM expertise and vendor-neutral solutions. Fortuna Identity Managed Services is an additional, advanced end-to-end offering that supports the customer during the operation of its IAM infrastructure, whether on-premise or remotely managed.

  • Solution architecture and design
  • Technology evaluation and recommendation
  • Project management and dedicated teams
  • Standardization of IAM processes
  • Efficient knowledge transfer from the projects to the IAM Managed Services
  • Multiple level support services
  • Day-to-day operations such as infrastructure sizing, development, integration and implementation
  • 24/7 support

The goal of our managed services is to support companies fulfill the business requirements, significantly reduce the operational burden of the project team and strengthen the customer’s IAM infrastructure.

Professional Services

Fortuna Identity Professional Services offer fully outsourced, co-managed, or in-house solutions fully customized to your unique needs. We work with you as an integral part of your IAM infrastructure to deploy advanced and customized future-state services that not only solve problems, but also add value to your business.

Our highly experienced resources provide relevant insights from initial strategy and roadmap development to design and implementation of IAM solutions through technology and methodologies that are proven in multiple and varied client environments.

Our approach is highly flexible, tailored and focused on ensuring information and system security, user friendliness and cost efficiency to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Our experts bring practical experience in designing and implementing advanced solutions in governance, security, data management, applications and compliance.


Client interviews, System Evaluations, Analysis, Standardized outputs.


IAM software, PKI, Universal Identity, Services Integration.


Monitoring, Assessment, Integration of Security Controls.


Ongoing Support, Tools, Defined SLAs, Problem Resolution.