Deep frontline experience and best IAM practices across multiple industries.

We understand your business first.

And we know one size doesn’t fit all. Neither does a particular solution approach. Fortuna Identity, through its vast experience understands that every solution needs to be stitched differently based on the industry segment. Fortuna Identity’s GRC techno-functional experts have deep knowledge and practical applications of multiple industries to deliver an aligned solution successfulLy.


The BFSI sector has been the industry with highest compliance and regulatory requirements. Providing a solution to a BFSI enterprise involves understanding of financial norms, regulations according to geographies, cross country requirements, trading policies, taxations, data privacy act, understanding multiple business applications, segregation of duties, accessibility requirements and many more.

Fortuna Identity is privileged to have the best techno-functional architects onboard who have rich experience in implementing end to end GRC solutions for some of the largest banks, finance, securities and insurance corporations across the world.

UTILITIES (Gas, Energy, Water)

Utilities domain has been the sector which demands highest level of security; all ten domains of security, to be precise. Yet in an emergency, a break glass approach to handle things is also a key requirement. Designing security solutions and ensuring the development community understands the semantics of the industry requirements is a humongous task which is adroitly mastered by Fortuna Identity SMEs.


All the non-compliance benefits of an IAM solution are best required and implemented in the retail sector. Contractor onboarding, quick onboarding and quick relieving, instant transfer and transient role changes, etc., make the implementation of an IAM solution challenging and enterprising. No wonder why our Retail IAM SMEs enjoy working with the respective customers.

In addition, our business and technology experts have successfully implemented many challenging and mission critical IAM projects in other verticals, globally.