Information visibility, operational intelligence and corrective actions drive business goals.

who we are

Started initially in 1993 in Sunnyvale, California, Fortuna worked with Identity and Security partners such as iPlanet of Sun, Netscape and Netegrity. Repositioned to focus on Identity and Access Management, Fortuna has become a leading provider of IAM solutions and services for global players.

In today’s growing heterogeneous technology and regulatory environments, we offer complete end-to-end IAM solutions including controls across physical, virtual, and cloud environments within and beyond system and enterprise boundaries to meet increasingly rigorous compliance requirements.

With a combination of business skills and technical expertise, our IAM team is driven by the goal of increasing security, improving productivity while decreasing cost and downtime.

Our Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution approach is not just a mere technological solution but a security mantra about everything being right in an enterprise - right individuals to access the right resources at the right times for the right reasons.

We deliver our value proposition through rapid adoption of emerging technologies, expert people and processes, strategic long-term partnerships, and boutique competencies.

Our IAM experts operate from our business and technical centers in Nashville, US, London, UK and Hyderabad, India

Join our Fortuna Family

Fortuna Identity's external focus on clients is matched only by its internal focus on its people - a central reason for growing careers in a context of a rapidly changing world of technology.

Fortuna Identity is an even playing field for all its employees where people get ahead because of what they can contribute and what they deliver. We offer an exciting, challenging and growth driven environment. In short, it is a great place to learn, achieve and have fun.

If you are talented and are willing to put that talent to a rough road test, if you are convinced that working smart is as critical as working hard and if you value your spirited passion above most things, do call us at Fortuna. You will find intellectual kinship that would delight you.

Fortuna Identity believes in empowering its people. It is amazing how responsibility can transform a person. They are our future leaders.